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  • Breastfeeding Sucks, Mama!

    Gasp! What did she say?! Blasphemy I tell ya! Yep, you read it correctly. Breastfeeding sucks. To be honest, I actually love breastfeeding while it lasted. View Post
  • Nail Polish Isn't Just for Girls

    Most of the time I feel like I am failing at parenting. Life is in a constant state of chaos. There are so many choices to make that you never really know if you have made the right one or not. Then there are days like yesterday where it doesn't take long for me to realize I am rockin' this Mama... View Post
  • All about Amber

    Who is Chewy Mama? I am married with two amazing children! Mr. Feefs is a lively six-year-old who is wise beyond his years. He keeps us on our toes and has taught me more about life than any class I have ever taken. He is a boy... through and through.Bugs are life. Little Miss was born last win... View Post