All about Amber

Who is Chewy Mama? I am married with two amazing children! Mr. Feefs is a lively six-year-old who is wise beyond his years. He keeps us on our toes and has taught me more about life than any class I have ever taken. He is a boy... through and through.Bugs are life. Little Miss was born last winter and she has been a breath of fresh air. If happiness had one face, it would be hers.

What the heck does Chewy mean? 
Chewy (choo-ee) 
Someone who isn’t completely holistic (aka crunchy) or modern (aka silky) … but somewhere in between

I breastfeed, pump, and supplement. I agree that breast milk is the best option, when it works. I passionately believe in the #fedisbest movement. The Fed is Best Foundation believes that mothers should choose clinically safe ways to feed their baby without fear of being shamed for doing so. Sometimes I wear my baby and other times she rides in the stroller. I have cloth and sposies for the bum. We eat mostly organic but there are days we drive thru Sonic. Who doesn't love a diet strawberry limeade?! I am a God-fearing Christian who cusses and makes more mistakes than I’d like to admit. I fly by the seat of my pants and I love every minute of it. Hopefully my kids don't mind the ride!

I am hoping to promote kindness among mothers while sharing stories that only we can relate to. Mom-shaming makes me crazy, we need to concentrate on lifting each other up and working together to make a difference. How can we expect our president, or any man for that matter, to respect us if we refuse to respect one another first? We need to teach our daughters how to be confident young women and our sons how to be gentlemen. They are the future and we must lead by example. Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World” comes to mind.

Welcome to this beautiful journey. Whether you are trying to conceive, expecting, or in the middle of the crazy-beautiful chaos. I am a firm believer in the saying “It takes a village to raise a child.” We are all in this together.

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