Our Mission



Sustainably Beautiful                           

Our first priority is to provide quality products that you and your family will love! 

From production to elimination, we ask about the carbon footprint. We cannot rid the world of all environmental evils, however, we will do our best! We will offer green alternatives for everyday products, that have the least amount of environmental/social/economic impact.

We ask, how it holds up against rigorous use? Can it withstand normal wear and tear without falling apart? We want to encourage our friends and family to be responsible consumers. That means buying products that are as strong as those using it. We want to discourage buying cheap products that will need to be replaced quickly, which leads to spending more money. 

Quality vs Quantity = Savings

Socially Responsible

We know that daily purchases impact more than just our families. They impact the economy and the environment as well. It is critical that we, and other retailers, do our due diligence to make sure the products we carry, come from ethical and sustainable sources. We take our responsibility to you, and your family seriously. That is why every product offered has been researched, tested, and approved by our tribe. Out of sight, out of mind, no more.  We feel that it is our social responsibility to offer awareness and inspiration to do the right thing, every time.

We cannot change what we do not know. That is one of the driving forces behind CoralFeather! Our goal is to spread awareness and open a positive dialogue. We will discuss organic/fair tradeslow fashion, and sustainable materials. We want to shed light on why they are, indeed, the green alternative. For those of you who are just beginning your journey to conscious living, we would love to hear from you!   

Our hope is that you will share our passion and push the envelope. We encourage you to shop for quality, not quantity. Take control, refuse mediocre products for your family and the environment. Together we can make a difference. If you have any questions or ideas on how to live a sustainably beautiful life, please send me an email, I would love to talk to you! amber@coralfeather.com

Simply Practical

Plain and simple. Is it safe to make, use, and discard when no longer needed? If we wouldn’t be comfortable bringing it into our own home, we certainly would not put it in yours.


Last, but not least, we hope to exceed your expectations for customer service. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve your experience. Welcome to our tribe, we are so happy you’re here! support@coralfeather.com

We are in this together; raising our families and maintaining this beautiful planet.