Why should we live our lives in a Sustainably Beautiful way that is Socially Responsible and Simply Practical

Well, since you asked, here is our reason at CoralFeather.

It isn't just about you and me. Every purchase we make effects the rest. of. the. world. 

Just let that sink in for a second.

These are the questions we ask when working with vendors. (We encourage you to do the same, even with our products!)

  • Was it made in a safe working environment? (Fair-Trade)
  • Was it safe for the environment? (Sustainable/Eco-friendly)
  • Is this product safe for our families to use? (Non-Toxic)
  • Is it safe for our animals? (Non-Toxic)
  • Is it safe to throw away? (Non-Toxic)
  • Will it leach toxic chemicals into the earth as it degrades? (Non-Toxic)
  • Will it degrade at all? (Biodegradable)
  • Can we recycle it? (Recyclable)
  • Can we compost it? (Compostable/Plant-Based)  

 We want to encourage you, our friends & family, to purchase with a purpose and demand quality products that will, in turn, enhance our quality of life. 


Why is plastic so harmful?

  • Plastic is made from oil
  • emits toxic fumes into the environment when it is created
  • Every piece of plastic that has been made still exists
  • Leaches toxic hormone-altering chemicals into food and drinks

Why is there so much air pollution?

  • Burning fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum
  • Vehicles and factories are main contributors
  • Cause lung, heart, and respiratory diseases

What is causing land pollution?

  • Plastic, clothing, and chemicals
  • Landfills and people are the main contributors
  • Polluted soil causes cancer, birth defects, and other illness


What is fast fashion and how does it apply to pollution?

  • Clothing made at high rates to make companies more money
  • Marketing says that we need more to be better 
  • Producers do not make a livable wage or work in safe environments
  • Clothing that is "out of style" will end up in landfills causing more pollution