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  • Eco Friendly Shopping Bag
  • Eco Friendly Shopping Bag

Shopping Bag - Magenta


LASSIG has created the Green Label Charity Shoppers. They are extremely spacious, which make them t

he perfect green accessory for shopping, sports or leisure time! 

Green Label Materials mean this bag is very environmentally friendlyDuring the spin dye process, the color is added to the melted raw material before the material is spun into thread. This process eliminates the dye bath which would otherwise be necessary and thus eliminates a large amount of water usually associated with dyeing. Water consumption is reduced dramatically, less pollution is produced, COD emissions are reduced and energy is savedLassig supports the responsible task of parents with functional products that not only fulfill their specific needs in everyday life – but also those of a sustainable lifestyle. Therefore, Lassig only manufactures products that are free from toxins and other harmful substances. In other words, our products never contain the following: PVC, nickel, azo dyes, lead, BPA or phthalates.

Lassig will plant a tree for every bag sold. They work together with the German Association for the Protection of Forest and Woodlands (SDW), Lässig ensures that the forest will never lack fresh air. These bags are made from recycled polyester.

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